Food allergy protection made easy

Less than 7% of food allergies in the U.S. develop to peanut alone. Since experts recognize the safety of feeding multiple potential allergens early, SpoonfulOne was designed to include the food groups associated with over 90% of food allergies.


Protection takes consistent feeding over months to years, which has proven extremely challenging for families. SpoonfulOne’s delicious, child-friendly formats make “early and often” feedings possible.

Only SpoonfulOne is backed by proprietary research

Babies born today are at increased risk of developing a food allergy. New research has changed how pediatricians now recommend parents help protect their children from developing a food allergy. 

SpoonfulOne was based on proprietary research that showed that the diverse mix of ingredients in SpoonfulOne calmed the immune system and dramatically reduced levels of allergy-triggering antibodies when fed consistently over the course of one year.

In an independent study, with over 700 babies and over 8,000 feedings of SpoonfulOne, there were ZERO reported allergic reactions.

Food allergy protection is possible!

The American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology recommends inclusion of all potential allergenic foods early in a baby's diet, between about four and six months of age.

The Food Allergy Protection Plan recommends that:

1) Parents introduce foods early (between 4 - 6 months), with continued breastfeeding

2) Babies eat a diversity of foods (including potential allergens)

3) Foods are included into a baby’s diet often and routinely through early childhood

But, getting a diversity of foods into your baby’s diet every day isn’t always easy.

Did you know that eczema in babies increases food allergy risk?

Babies with eczema can be over 600% more likely to develop a food allergy. This is because food particles in the air (like peanut dust), on surfaces, or even on a parent’s hands -- can enter the body through dry, cracked skin. 

When this happens, the baby’s immune system can become sensitized to that food as opposed to tolerant to it. 

Because of this, it’s critical that babies’ first exposure to foods be through the tummy, so their developing immune system will recognize and accept a food as food.

SpoonfulOne was designed to expose your baby to gentle amounts of the food groups associated with over 90% of food allergies. Help stop a food allergy before it starts with SpoonfulOne.