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We've researched SpoonfulONE in thousands of babies

The biggest takeaways:
Food Diversity Matters

Feeding Babies Many Different Food Allergens is Better than Fewer

Feed Small Amounts Consistently

It doesn’t take much to help train the immune system.

We Can Do This Safely

Fewer than 1% of babies reported a reaction to SpoonfulONE

Our Approach for Clinical Studies



1000+ Infants and Children

1000+ Infants and Children

Daily Feeding, 1 Year

Daily Feeding, 1 Year

Biomarker Analysis

Biomarker Analysis

Our Research

SpoonfulONE creates a less allergic immune profile in babies.

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After one year of daily feeding of a multiprotein blend (the prototype for SpoonfulONE), participants showed a shift towards a less allergy-prone immune profile. This was indicated by a greater increase in the average levels of specific IgG4 relative to baseline compared with the control group and single or dual protein groups . Higher IgG4 levels are associated with potential protection from the effects of IgE and are therefore considered anti-allergenic.

SpoonfulONE is safe and well tolerated by babies.

Real World Evidence in Over 3 Million Servings*

*Data on file. Reaction rate estimated based on parent and physician events provided by the company. Mild reaction is categorized by itchiness, hives, vomiting, or diarrhea.


SpoonfulONE has been published in peer review.

705 infants were fed SpoonfulONE daily for one month. Of 8,803 ingestions, both SpoonfulONE and Placebo had similar reaction rates. No cases of anaphylaxis were reported. Reported symptoms were mild, such as rash, diarrhea, and spit-up.

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“I conducted research on hundreds of babies to determine the amount of each food protein in SpoonfulONE’s formulation. The data showed that the lowest amount studied - just 30 milligrams daily of each protein - was enough and was well tolerated. Babies don’t need to be fed large amounts. More important is to feed diverse allergens every day over months and years.”

Kari Nadeau MD, PhD
SpoonfulONE Scientific Founder, Allergist and Director of the Sean N. Parker Center for Allergy and Asthma Research at Stanford University