We believe that everyone deserves to enjoy food fearlesslly.

If you worry about your baby developing a food allergy, you’re not alone. From family to friends, chances are you know a child with a food allergy. In fact, two kids in every classroom carry a diagnosis.

This is the result of a growing epidemic in the United States, with the rate of food allergies nearly doubling over the past 20 years. But, there is some good news. Two landmark studies—LEAP and EAT—found that infants’ riskof developing a food allergy dropped significantly when they were introduced to potentially allergenic food early.

Further research found that introducing infants to multiple allergens at oncewas safe, resulting in no reported allergic reactions.Based on this science, the Food Allergy Protection Plan was developed: feeding your baby a varietyof foods, including potential allergens, starting as early as 4-month-old and continuing routine feedings infancy through toddlerhood, can help protect your child from developing a food allergy.*

Following the Food Allergy Protection Plan, SpoonfulOne’s new products help gently introduce new foods to your baby and allow his or her system to grow accustomed to a diverse range of foods. Start your SpoonfulOne routine now to help your baby enjoy a lifetime of healthy and happy eating!