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Our Advisors

SpoonfulONE is guided by a team of accomplished doctors, immunologists, nutritionists and innovators who are leading experts in their respective fields.  

David Jeong, MD Allergist and Section Head, Department of Allergy & Immunology, Virginia Mason Medical Center/Benaroya Research Institute
Susannah Fox Healthcare and Technology Researcher
Eugene Bauer, MD Former Dean of the School of Medicine and Vice President for Medical Affairs, Stanford University
Rani Maskatia, MD Pediatric and Adult Allergist, Latitude Food Allergy Care.

Expert Perspectives 

“Babies don’t need to be fed large amounts of protein. More important is to feed diverse allergens every day over months and years.”

— Dr. Kari Nadeau, Pediatric Allergist
"New research has proven the power of introducing diverse foods early and keeping them in your baby’s diet. This data convinced me to give different recommendations today than I used with my own babies a decade ago.”
— Dr. Wendy Sue Swanson, Pediatrician
"The number one piece of advice I have is the importance of routine feeding, and not just feeding it once, or for a week. This is especially important for children at higher risk for food allergies such as those with significant eczema.”

— Dr. David Jeong, Pediatric Allergist
“The findings of my study show that with every additional food allergen given over the first year of life, we reduce the odds by one third of a food allergy developing."

— Dr. Carina Venter, Pediatric Dietician
"Introduce all allergenic foods into an infant’s diet when they are ready to eat solid food. We don't need to wait 3 or more days in between introducing new foods. I say this with confidence because we know it's safe from all the evidence.”

— Dr. David Stukus, Pediatric Allergist

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