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Company Overview

SpoonfulONE Fast Facts

  • SpoonfulONE is the most complete way to introduce food allergens.
  • SpoonfulONE is the only product that covers the food groups responsible for over 90% of food allergies.*
  • SpoonfulONE is recommended by over 3,000 pediatricians.
  • Founded by women/moms: a globally recognized pediatric allergist and a biotech entrepreneur.

    Food Allergy Fast Facts

    • 320,000 children born this year will develop a food allergy by the age of 18.
    • Food allergies have more than doubled over the last generation from 1999 to 2018.
    • Less than 7% of food allergies develop to peanuts alone.
    • ⅔ children who develop a food allergy do NOT have a parent with a food allergy.
    • Amongst food-allergic children, almost 40% develop an allergy to more than one food.
    • According to a study, feeding a potential allergen, like peanut, early and often can help reduce the risk of a food allergy developing by 86%.

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    Press Releases

    OCTOBER 6, 2020 | SpoonfulOne to Launch Digital Food Allergy Prevention Trial with Duke Clinical Research Institute |Link

    DECEMBER 10, 2019 | Gregory Shewchuk Named CEO of Before Brands, a Specialist in Early Childhood Food Allergy Prevention | Link

    SEPTEMBER 26, 2019 | Nestlé Health Science invests in BEFORE Brands™ |Link

    MARCH 20, 2017 | BEFORE Brands™, Inc. Secures $35 Million in Series B Funding Led by Gurnet Point Capital |Link

    OCTOBER 5, 2016 | BEFORE Brands™, Inc. Closes $13.1M Series A Financing |Link