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When it's time for solids, it's time for SpoonfulONE.

Our safe and easy daily system was developed to empower parents and give them perfectly portioned food proteins including the 16 foods associated with over 90% of food allergies.*

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Help Stop A Food Allergy Before It Starts.*

Chew On This

NEW USDA guidelines recommend introducing your baby to foods like peanuts, egg, soy, cow milk products, tree nuts, wheat, shellfish, fish, and soy (aka ALL the foods in SpoonfulONE) to potentially reduce the risk of your baby developing a food allergy.*

How Does SpoonfulONE Work?

When your baby eats SpoonfulONE, the immune system in the stomach sees the food, triggering recognition. With repeated feeding, the immune system becomes more aware of these foods as just foods.

Food For Thought

Food allergen introduction is not a one-time thing and SpoonfulONE is not a test—it’s a super easy to eat food solution to make ongoing diet diversity a long term habit.

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