Our Story

On a mission

We are committed to supporting the global efforts being made to help eradicate the rising food allergy epidemic.

Our founders

SpoonfulOne was invented by our co-founder, Dr. Kari Nadeau, a world renowned pediatric allergist and mother of five. Dr. Nadeau has dedicated her life to helping families and children who have been affected by the food allergy epidemic and is an outspoken advocate for prevention. She is the pioneering force and visionary behind SpoonfulOne’s proprietary science.

SpoonfulOne was co-founded by Dr. Ashley Dombkowski, an entrepreneur and mother of two. Dr. Domkowski has dedicated her career to healthcare and biotech. She considers it a great privilege to work with the dedicated SpoonfulOne team to provide a science-based consumer product that can help families directly.

Our Foundational Food Blend

Designed specifically for the Food Allergy Protection Plan, each product includes a spoonful of our Foundational Food Blend — small, gentle amounts of peanuts along with milk, shellfish (shrimp), tree nuts (almonds, cashews, hazelnuts, pecans, pistachios, and walnuts), egg, fish (cod and salmon), grains (oats and wheat), soy, and sesame.

Validated protein integrity

Only SpoonfulOne validates its products’ proteins in order to meet our scientists’ exacting standards and to ensure structural integrity. SpoonfulOne has tested hundreds of foods to find an optimal combination of proteins for the greatest coverage of relevant proteins.

Carefully crafted

SpoonfulOne is made from real, wholesome foods. From North America to New Zealand, we source only the highest-quality foods to include the best proteins for our Foundational Food Blend—no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.