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Don’t Delay!

Did you know you should introduce commonly allergenic foods to your baby as early as 4-6 months? And there is a product that can help!

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Guidelines have changed

New USDA guidelines recommend introducing common food allergens like peanuts, egg, dairy, tree nuts, wheat, shellfish, fish and soy as early as 4-6 months.
Introduce Early
graphic of four common food allergens
Go for Variety
Consistency is Key
Introduce Early
Consistency is Key
graphic of four common food allergens
Go for Variety
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When it's time for solids, it's time for SpoonfulONE.

Our safe and easy daily system was developed to empower parents and give them perfectly portioned food proteins including the 16 foods associated with over 90% of food allergies.*

SpoonfulONE Mix-Ins
SpoonfulONE  Puffs
SpoonfulONE  Mix-ins
SpoonfulONE  Puffs
SpoonfulONE Oat Crackers
I don't have a food allergy, will my child?
It's not just genetics. In fact, 2 out of 3 children who develop a food allergy don't have a parent with one.
I thought I was supposed to introduce new foods one at a time?
So much has changed in infant food introduction. New research has shown that it is safe to start multiple foods at once.
How long should I be feeding food allergens?

Food allergen introduction is not a one-time thing. It's important that once your baby is introduced to a new food, it stays in the diet.

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Your baby's stomach and GI tract contain 70% of their immune system. Feeding diverse foods early and often helps train the tummy to see foods as just foods.

SpoonfulONE Starter Kit

The USDA says to start food allergen introduction starting between 4-6 months. Awesome. Now what? We’ve got just the thing to get you started.

SpoonfulONE complete food allergen introduction system

The critical window starts early to train your baby’s tummy to see foods just as foods.

4+ months
Mom feeding baby SpoonfulONE Mix-ins in a puree

When you introduce solids into your child's diet, it's time to introduce allergens.

6+ months
Baby eating SpoonfulONE Strawberry Puffs

As finger foods are introduced, use Puffs to maintain allergen training.

12+ months
Toddler eating SpoonfulONE Oat Crackers

Make snack time allergen time too with harder foods like Oat Crackers for rotary chewing.