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Reduce the risk of developing a food allergy and support your child's long term immune health.

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the power of SpoonfulOne

New research shows early and regular exposure to peanut may reduce the risk of peanut allergies*. Using SpoonfulOne daily prepares your child’s immune system for not just peanuts, but all the foods most commonly associated with food allergies.

Pediatrician Developed
Created by a pediatrician, allergist and mother of five.
The Complete Approach
Each packet includes peanut, egg, milk, fish, shellfish, tree nuts, soy, wheat, sesame, and Vitamin D.
Created for Children
Our gentle blend was tested on infants and proven safe in an independent, nationwide study.
Wholesome ingredients
Made of real foods. No preservatives, artificial sweeteners, flavors or dyes.

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Built on
breakthrough science

Our product was invented by a pediatrician, allergist and pioneer in immunology. Her 20+ year career, dedicated to pediatric immune health, has given her access to a range of perspectives on food allergies. Together with innovative scientists and forward-thinking parents, she recommends training the immune system early and often to give your child a healthy edge.

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the truth about food allergies

Immune Confusion

Food allergies happen when the immune system thinks a food protein is harmful and overreacts—often with serious consequences.

Early and Often

New research shows allergen avoidance may actually contribute to the rise of food allergies. The daily use of SpoonfulOne sets a healthy foundation for your child.

A Spoonful of Everything

It can seem nearly impossible to get common food allergens into your child’s diet regularly— parents aren’t superhuman. Lean on SpoonfulOne to supplement your great parenting skills.

The Science of SpoonfulOne
  • Inclusion of a potentially allergenic food—in this case peanut—in the diet reduced the risk of an allergy to that food by 80% if fed early and consistently for the first 5 years of life. LEAP Study
  • Including multiple allergens in a child’s diet after 3 months of age is safe. The risk of any food allergy was reduced by two-thirds among those who adhered to the routine by 3 years of age. — EAT study EAT Study
  • "Once peanut-containing foods have been consumed safely, regular exposure is key to allergy prevention." National Institutes of Health

what parents and experts say

  • By the time Maddy was 6 months old, we felt good that she had at least tried all the potentially allergenic foods. Then our pediatrician told us it’s even more important to keep all of those foods in her diet for the long run. SpoonfulOne makes it so easy for us to stick with it. Emily Conley, PhD Scientist and a new mom
  • When it comes to including potential allergens in the diet of a child, the hardest part is giving parents a practical way to include a diverse set of those foods consistently. SpoonfulOne has all the ingredients I wanted to see, and it’s gentle. Janesta Noland, MD Pediatrician
  • My mother has food intolerance issues so I know how problematic they can be. SpoonfulOne allows me to get all the essential foods into Ben’s diet, long before he develops any issues. Giorgia Manucci Artist manager and mom to Ben