A new way to feed your baby and reduce the risk of food allergies

There’s been a big switch! Research now shows that early and regular feeding of common allergens, like peanuts, can help reduce the risk of a baby developing a food allergy by 80%. Food allergy families are smart and ready but can face challenges & worries when a new baby arrives and it's time for food introduction. We designed SpoonfulOne with food allergy families in mind.

SpoonfulOne was designed to make the inclusion of multiple foods into a baby’s diet easy, gentle, and sustainable. This is why we precisely portioned each of the 16 food proteins in our mix-ins, puffs and crackers. The proteins are small, yet impactful enough for a baby’s earliest feedings. Foods are sourced responsibly, they are certified organic by Oregon Tilth and all of our products are low in sugar.

You can give your baby one Mix-in or Puff packet a day, every day for at least a year to help stop a food allergy before it starts. We’re offering 25% off to Allergic Living readers through the end of December. Start our food allergy protection system today!

Use code: 25Protect at checkout

SpoonfulOne was designed to expose your baby to gentle amounts of the food groups associated with over 90% of food allergies. Help stop a food allergy before it starts with SpoonfulOne.