4+ months

SpoonfulOne Mix-ins

As early as 4-months of age, our Mix-in is an ideal way to integrate all of the foods most commonly associated with food allergies into your baby’s diet.

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Around $2 per day.


6+ months

SpoonfulOne Puffs

As early as 6+ months of age, or once your child is accustomed to chewing solid foods, our Puffs are the perfect, on-the-go, convenient snack.

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Around $2 per day.

Oat Crackers

12+ months

SpoonfulOne Oat Crackers

As early as 12+ months, SpoonfulOne’s delicious, Oat Crackers make consistent diversity a long term habit for your toddler.

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Around $2 per day.

Baby eating food from spoon

Committed to safety

Only SpoonfulOne is backed by multiple proprietary studies. An independent study with over 8,000 feedings of SpoonfulOne showed excellent adherence and reported zero allergic reactions.²

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