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SpoonfulONE - A Revolutionary Approach To Early Allergen Introduction

August 27, 2020 2 min read

We did the hard work to ensure your little one's belly can become accustomed to the 16 diverse foods responsible for over 90% of food allergies. Introducing 2-3 foods is easy, and you likely have peanut butter, milk, and eggs in your kitchens. But what about shellfish, cod, and pistachio? Are you introducing common allergens, like shrimp, to your 4-month-old? Guidelines suggest you do. SpoonfulONE makes it easy to get these difficult foods into your baby’s diet.

SpoonfulONE is Safe

Safety is our #1 priority. While others have leaned solely on global, landmark evidence from the LEAP and EAT studies, SpoonfulONE is the only company to take it a step further doing our own, proprietary research that is peer-reviewed and published. We scientifically formulated SpoonfulONE to be safe, gentle, and precise enough to help build babies’ tolerance.

Why Choose SpoonfulONE?

  • The most complete early allergen introduction system. Many products only include 2 or 3 allergens, SpoonfulONE includes 16
  • Aligns with AAP guidelines to introduce common allergens around 4-6 months
  • Created by a globally renowned pediatric allergist, Dr. Kari Nadeau
  • Recommended by 3,000+ pediatricians
  • Founded by women who are scientists and moms
  • Made With Certified Organic Ingredients. No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives
  • Product varieties spanning 4 months → toddlerhood
  • Bottle compatibility
  • The only company with a patented formula and proprietary research
  • Global partnership with Nestle Health Science
  • An advisory team of world-leading scientific experts
  • Less sugar than an apple slice



The Bottom Line:

Parents want the best for their children and we aren’t shy about stating this fact: SpoonfulONE is unequivocally the best choice and the leader in the early allergen introduction space.

As the most comprehensive baby snack on the market, our mission is clear: to help bring convenience to parents everywhere and introduce diverse foods into their baby's daily diet. Choose the best. Choose the most complete food allergy introduction system.