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SpoonfulONE Inventor Dr. Kari Nadeau Publishes Book: The End of Food Allergy

September 21, 2020 3 min read

The End of Food AllergySpoonfulONE co-founder and inventor, Dr. Kari Nadeau, is dedicated, passionate, and tireless in her efforts to prevent and treat food allergies. Her vision for SpoonfulONE was simple: give control to parents so they can protect their children easily. SpoonfulONE was the gestalt of years of bench research, clinical care, and a fire to make sure children could avoid food allergies for generations to come.

We are so grateful to have a world-leading pediatric allergist, immunologist and inventor standing behind our product and bringing her science and knowledge to families all over the world.

Dr. Nadeau recently published her groundbreaking book: The End of Food Allergy, a comprehensive look at preventing, diagnosing, and reversing food allergies with key findings from a premier team of trained experts. Whether you’re suffering from a food allergy yourself, or are parenting a child who is, this book will empower you to overcome the physical and mental toll of allergies. Filled with science and cutting-edge research, an actionable treatment plan, and practical diet tips, The End of Food Allergy is the authoritative source to conclude a 21st-century epidemic.

We spoke with Dr. Nadeau about food allergies and her new book below.

Why is food allergy prevention more important today than ever before?

Food allergies are rapidly increasing. Nearly 320,000 children born this year will develop a food allergy by the age of 18. 8% of US children have a food allergy, that’s roughly 2 children in every classroom. We cannot allow this trend to continue. We know prevention is possible. We have the science and data to support multiple allergen introduction around 4-6 months of age. We have to educate parents and doctors alike so the next generation does not suffer. We cannot wait.

Why did you write the book: The End of Food Allergy?

To spread awareness and end food allergies in children and adults forever. No parent should ever have to live in fear of their child having a food allergy. And, no child should have to live in fear of eating food. That’s why I’ve made it my life’s mission to help prevent food allergies in this next generation.

For those who do have food allergies, to put it simply, it is now possible to treat and reverse food allergy. The research is still in progress and we are still identifying standard regiments that allergists everywhere can offer in their clinics. But the thousands of patients who now live free from the fear of accidental exposure, many of whom freely eat their former allergens, as if they never had bad reactions to them - are a testament to the power of this program.

What are your key takeaways for to reduce food allergy risk?

1. Prevention Is Possible. We know that with early, diverse, and routine feeding, we can protect children from developing food allergies.

2. Food Allergies Stem From Many Causes; Diet Effects Risk. A modern susceptibility to food allergies exists. In fact, 2 out of 3 children with a food allergy do not have a parent with a food allergy.

3. Don’t Delay. If parents delay potential allergen introduction after a baby is 12 months, the baby's risk of food allergy increases by 400% (4x). Start feeding infants a diverse diet, including common allergens at first solid food introduction, and keep those foods in the diet every single day!

Learn more about the book here.