Heavy Metals in Baby Foods- What about SpoonfulONE?

February 11, 2021 1 min read

At SpoonfulONE, safety is our #1 priority.  A recent investigation revealed high levels of heavy metals in store-bought baby food brands. For our SpoonfulONE families who are understandably concerned, we want to assure you that every batch of SpoonfulONE Mix-Ins, Puffs, and Oat Crackers is rigorously tested for purity, integrity, and potency, ensuring a safe and consistent product every time by our food safety experts. 

While low levels of heavy metals are naturally occurring in the soil and water in which raw ingredients are grown, SpoonfulONE employs a rigorous heavy metals control strategy to avoid their presence.  

SpoonfulONE is Ahead of the Game 

We are committed to the health and safety of the infants and toddlers we feed. Every batch of SpoonfulONE Mix-Ins, Puffs, and Oat Crackers is rigorously tested by our quality team, food scientists and ingredient partners 

We test every batch, every time for heavy metals (arsenic, lead, cadmium, and mercury) against standards that meet or exceed national and international regulatory requirements. Our program includes:

  • Strict purchasing specifications
  • Verification testing on every ingredient before use
  • Final product testing before releasing to sell in the market

This best in class industry practice allows us to ensure the quality and safety of our products. Ingredients that do not meet our exacting specifications are immediately rejected, quarantined for discard, and never used.

SpoonfulONE continues to serve tiny consumers that are some of the most vulnerable among us and we take safety very seriously - this will never waiver. 


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