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SpoonfulONE Expands Accessibility with Launch in Target

July 19, 2021 2 min read

By Dr. Kari Nadeau, Inventor of SpoonfulONE

Since the inception of my career in allergy and immunology, I’ve had a passion for pediatric health and wellness. We’ve learned so much over the past decade, and I felt it was my duty as a scientist and as a mom, to take what I know about food allergies and develop a solution that made early allergen feeding easy for parents to use every day. And ultimately, to make sure that we’re protecting our children and feeling really good about how we feed them.

When we launched SpoonfulONE in 2017, I knew it would not be easy to change a generational mindset and that it would take time to reach parents and become part of mainstream life. That time has come. While SpoonfulONE has been available online for years, I’m so proud to announce that it is expanding into brick-and-mortar retail with the ideal partner, Target.

The increase in food allergy rates and the patients I see in my allergy clinic fuel my relentless drive to make food allergies a condition of the past. I’ve led many research trials and treated thousands of patients, and now new milestones are being reached. Guidelines have now completely changed. The American Academy of Pediatrics, the USDA, European guidelines, Australian guidelines, and Canadian guidelines are recommending feeding common allergens early and often with a diverse diet.

The opportunity for prevention is real and it is urgent, and we now have the science to back up feeding children common allergens early and often.

Target is a top retailer where families shop for their baby’s clothes, diapers, gear, and now diverse foods. Our goal is to make feeding easy, science-backed, and accessible. Target is leading the way with us, making it even easier for families to incorporate SpoonfulONE into their everyday meals.

I am so excited and proud of this expansion, but moreover, this launch brings us one step closer to my vision of a world without food allergies.