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Are Baby Puffs Safe For Kids?

July 19, 2022 3 min read

Easily dissolving and coming in a variety of flavors, puffs are a great introductory snack for new eaters. But with varying flavors and ingredients, can puffs be considered as a healthy and safe option for your little one? 

Learn more with SpoonfulONE as we explore if baby puffs are safe and what types of puffs to look for (or avoid!).

Are Puffs Healthy for Babies?

We know that diet diversity is essential for babies, and is a key early habit in lifelong, healthy eating. When it comes to puffs, it is important to look for brands with the most nutrition possible.

Not all puffs are created equal. Many choices are considered to be an empty snack, meaning that they are not providing meaningful amounts of nutrients that your little one needs for their developing brain and body. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t nutritious and delicious puff brands out there.

When deciding on the best puffs, look for the ways in which they add value. Puffs aren’t meant to act as a complete meal, but rather as a meaningful snack addition to a well-balanced and healthy diet. Look for elements like:

  • High-quality, wholesome ingredients
  • Complete food allergen introduction
  • Free from artificial flavors and preservatives
  • Varied and diverse ingredients 

Should I Buy Rice-Free Baby Puffs?

Many classic baby puffs are made with rice, and with the release of new data showing concerning levels of arsenic and other heavy metals in store-bought baby foods containing grain and rice, it is important for parents to evaluate the brands they are considering buying. All baby foods should be free from heavy metals and harmful environmental and industrial contaminants. 

Although many parents may be wondering if rice or grain-based puffs are safe for their babies to consume at all, it is still essential for babies to consume all food groups. Grains, including oat, rice, and wheat, are some of the most common food allergies in babies, and introducing allergens to your baby early on is essential to helping lower your little one’s risk of allergies later in life.

While low levels of heavy metals are naturally occurring in the soil and water in which ingredients like rice are grown, it is essential for brands to test rigorously for heavy metals to avoid their presence. So when you are shopping for puffs containing rice or other grains, see what the testing standards are and if they are safe for your little to eat!

Do I Need To Buy Organic Baby Puffs?

Puffs do not have to be organic in order to be safe, healthy options - but if you are concerned about chemical exposure, then organic is a great choice. Made from non-GMO ingredients, organic puffs will limit your little one to exposure from pesticides or synthetic fertilizers and additional hormones.

Whether you choose organic or not, the most important thing is a balanced diet. 

Are Baby Puffs Safe?

Yes! Baby puffs are a safe and easy snack to help your little one transition to eating new foods and can support healthy diet diversity.

To add extra peace of mind, buy organic where possible and make sure you're buying baby puffs from brands that have high testing standards.

SpoonfulONE Baby Puffs

Our baby Puffs are a delicious, on-the-go snack that supports the daily introduction of the 16 foods commonly associated with the majority of food allergies. And with food allergies on the rise, food allergen introduction is more essential than ever.

When eating SpoonfulONE, precisely portioned amounts of 16 foods are gently and safely introduced to a child’s immune system. When eaten on an ongoing basis, the immune cells in the stomach begin to recognize the foods as just foods.

Every batch of SpoonfulONE is rigorously tested for purity, integrity, and potency, ensuring a safe and consistent product every time by our food safety experts. This includes testing for heavy metals and other contaminants in our Puff products.

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